Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Merry Mouse Ornament Tutorial

I think you'll agree, this little mouse is one of the cutest things ever! It's really inexpensive & fun! Get the kids involved & you'll have a whole colony invading your home in no time!

You can get more mouse ideas

here: Felt Mice

here: Mouse Crafts

& here: Mice, Mice, Mice!

There. That ought to be enough to keep you going!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Giving Thanks

So it's nearly Thanksgiving & I'm really not sure where the Summer went! I know I've been busy, but I feel as though I have awakened from a deep sleep only to find that time has passed by.

I am reminded that time is short. Every person is placed here by God, with only the days that God gives them. Do we know how many days we are blessed with? No, but we can redeem the time by living for the Lord the best we know how. Living for Him will not leave us disappointed, rather will assure us that our lives are not lived in vain.

Thanksgiving is so much more than sitting down to a meal with family & friends. It is giving back to the One who gave us these moments together. It is appreciating what He has freely given us in His Son, Jesus -- and that is life, life eternal, life free from fear, life free from regret, life full, fervent, & hopeful. We have this life because of His sacrifice. And we are called to remember His death & resurrection, His grace & mercy, as well as the great sacrifices of our forefathers, who came to this great country in search of religious freedom. They knew they could not worship God fully under the dictates of a self-righteous king, so they came in search of freedom to worship the King of Kings.

I am reminded that those who came before us were willing to give it all. Many of them died that very first winter, but those who survived left for us a legacy. Let us not forget, but be thankful.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Little Birdie Told Me

Well, to be honest, it wasn't actually a bird that told me. I got this written tutorial from All Free Christmas Crafts, which sent me here Abby's blog.

Let me tell you, Abby is one crafty chick! Check out her blog A Feathered Nest. You'll definitely come away with the inspiration to do something!

So here goes -- my version of Abby's beautiful birdie ornaments. . .drum roll please.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Travel Sewing Kit

Here's a quick & cute idea for anyone in your life who sews. They make great stocking stuffers, too!

Get Martha's easy project guide here: Make a Small Decorative Sewing Kit.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Winter Mittens Ornament Tutorial

Here's my newest offering in the video tutorial world. This cute pair of mittens will hang so nicely on my Christmas tree, but I couldn't make just one -- I made three! So naturally I gave them to 3 of my 4 favorite people in all the world. And they loved them! I hope you will, too.