Monday, October 14, 2013

Project Noah

Today I'm all into "Project Noah." Have you heard of it? Well, with my new iPhone, I was able to get hold of some really neat apps, including the "Project Noah" app for FREE!

Basically, it's a way to document wildlife all around you, wherever you go. People all over the world are getting involved. The information you supply is shared by all users and gives aid to scientists and conservationists.

I think it's such a neat idea -- it even has a special log-in for students & teachers! Joining missions & earning patches (think Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts merit badges) is only part of the fun. There are discussion boards, too, where you can connect with other nature enthusiasts. To top it all off, you can even create your own mission(s).

I just had to -- couldn't resist. So here's my mission info:

name: Southeastern Home School Nature Walk

mission statement:  This mission is for any home school family interested in documenting the nature that surrounds us on a daily basis. Take a nature walk and document as much wildlife as you can. Enjoy God's creation, get some exercise & fresh air, and learn at the same time. Let's get walking!

Sound corny? It's really not -- it's heaps of fun & it'll have you looking at the world around you like you never have before! So c'mon, grab your friends & family and let's go take a walk!

Image Copyright The Blueberry Bee 2013